Mr. Baley celebrates his 35th year in the Heat Set Web Offset Industry this year. This was preceded by over five years in the high speed web coater/dryer engineering field. His background throughout the 1960's was project engineering work for the Black-Clawson Co. and Web Press Engineering Co.

In 1970, Mr. Baley was co-founder of Basic Control Systems, Inc. which marketed a complete line of web offset auxiliary equipment. Turnkey press projects were a common part of this sales, engineering and service company.

In 1975, Mr. Baley accepted a position as Vice President of Engineering for Steck Warlick Company, later acquired and renamed Lehigh Press-Dallas. During this period, he broadened his knowledge in bindery and mailing equipment. Several new and used web presses were turnkey installed, complete with central chilling systems and air pollution controls.

In January of 1984, Mr. Baley founded Bill Baley Enterprises, Inc. The corporation markets a complete line of used heat set web press auxiliary equipment as well as complete 4-64 page heat set web offset presses. He regularly draws upon his 39+ years experience in machinery design and application to assist printing companies, broker associates, and other clients in the application, selection, and acquisition of required press and bindery equipment for a specific market need. Mr. Baley brokers a majority of the presses sold, but also maintains a large inventory of equipment for immediate access in both Texas and Indiana. One of the specialties of the business, is the sale of remanufactured Tec dryers, Tec afterburners, and Stobb bundlers.
In 1986, Mr. Baley purchased property and erected a custom designed warehouse within 1-1/2 miles of D/FW Airport to benefit his growing clientele. In February of 1990, Mr. Baley purchased an additional warehouse in close proximity to the first warehouse. Metalrite, Inc., the exclusive metal fabricator for Bill Baley Enterprises, Inc. shares the second warehouse. In 1995, Mr. Baley purchased a third warehouse to further expand our ability to warehouse good equipment and reduce the dependence on brokering as the primary inventory source. Mr. Baley's reputation for quick availability of major bindery and web press components is unequalled.

Mr. Baley is known widely for his broad background in Graphic Arts equipment application. He regularly serves in a consulting capacity for leasing companies and banks regarding

evaluations and occasional liquidations. While Mr. Baley does not solicit opportunities to provide typical appraisal work, he regularly consults for press manufacturers, leasing companies, and many of his regular customers. He is also accomplished as a graphic arts (web press and bindery) liquidator.