About Bill Baley


Bill Baley Enterprises, Inc. is a twenty year old Irving, Texas, USA company that specializes in used web offset press sales. We also carry a huge inventory of accessory components such as splicers, infeed tension units, web guides, add-on units, dryers, brick stackers, stacker-bundlers, compensating counter-stackers, chill rolls add-on angle bar decks, add-on folders, replacement plate benders, pattern perforators, pattern gluers, pre-folders, plow folders and other miscellaneous parts that complement a heat set or air dry web offset press. We sell both new and used thermal oxidizers for heat set emission control.


We also sell and carry an inventory of major used bindery machines and accessories. We carry perfect binders, saddle binders, three knife trimmers in both free standing and inline binder trimmers. We carry miscellaneous support equipment such as add-on feeder pockets, card feeders, compensating and non-compensating stackers, shrink wrappers, some paper drills, plastic tiers. We occasionally have cyclones, balers, bag houses and other trim related products.


We offer only high quality, high value used AS IS equipment for web press and major bindery clients. We are not an installer. We are not a machinery mover. We do not sell small spare parts such as bearings, custom O.E.M. parts, or expendables. We do not sell sheet fed presses or duplicators. We are web press experts and specialize in helping first time web buyers and small to medium size web house production. We believe that you must consider the source of your equipment to protect yourself from catastrophic errors. We have been a web equipment designer, service technician, printing plant engineer and engaged in selling both new and used web equipment since 1965! We believe that some of the wisdom we have acquired over these many years can benefit you. We can save you from the potential of bad decisions. We never want to lose a customer to make a sale. If we cannot help you with your needs, we will refer you to someone who can! We are a family owned corporation. Bill Baley is the father who does all the sales and engineering for our clients. Brian Baley is the son who runs the shop, handles the inventory and does the limited amount of reconditioning we do on certain special products. Lea Baley is the wife who runs the sales office and sends out the life blood of our business - quotations and invoices! Lea loves to be busy - particularly on invoices!